Videogame Piracy – An Overview


Game piracy is the unauthorised copying or “burning” of games, sharing games on peer-to-peer networks, or illegal download of games from the Internet.

Each year these actions cost the industry $100 million in lost sales, as well as hundreds of full and part time Australian jobs. Australia has a world-class computer and video game industry. Every pirated game is damaging the future of games development in Australia.

For consumers, game piracy means many end up with faulty products. Pirated games may contain completely unrelated or inappropriate content. These games are inferior and you are not protected should the game malfunction.

Game piracy also affects Australia in lost tax and GDP, as well as undermines intellectual property laws that are the foundation of inward business attraction and investment.

Sadly, large scale piracy and organised crime often go hand in hand. Piracy provides the cash flow for other crimes including pornography, vehicle rebirthing and identity theft.

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