A Parent’s Guide to Video Games – Limits and Balance


A healthy media diet means limits and balance.

Who likes to say “no” to their kids? And what kid comes with moderation installed? Because media is such a huge part of children’s lives, we can’t just shut it out. Besides, it’s fun and can be an important learning tool. But kids need limits and guidelines. Just as we don’t let our kids eat junk food all day long, we need to give them healthy ground rules for choosing and using media.

Play games with your children. Parent-child play opens up pathways of communication and bonding and gives mums and dads the ‘cred’ they need to monitor their children’s experience, set rules and learn about the emerging world of interactive entertainment.

One of the best and easiest ways to manage your child’s game play is to play the games with him/her. If you’re a technophobe, don’t let intimidating technology or jargon stop you from playing with your child. While it’s true that some genres of video games practically have their own language, kids under 8 won’t be talking over your head. That said, be prepared for some humiliation.

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