Top Ten Industry Facts


1. In the 2006 financial year, sales of computer and video game hardware and software exceeded $1 billion.

2. Approximately 12.5 million video and computer games are purchased each year.

3. In the first six months of 2007, the total market for interactive entertainment hardware and software grew by 30%.

4. Australia has 40 game development firms and has produced more than 200 game titles.

5. Australia earns $100 million in export revenue from games each year.

6. The Australian interactive entertainment industry employs approximately 5,000 people.

7. Approximately 800 games are submitted for classification each year.

8. 14% of all game classification decisions are in the MA15+ category.

9. 70% of Australian households have a computer capable of playing pc games. 35% of Australians have a dedicated console gaming system.

10. Piracy is estimated to cost the Australian industry $100 million in lost sales and the jobs of 200 Australians.

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